Watch This Show: Mr. Selfridge

Who knew that after conquering Hollywood, Ari Gold would move on to fashion? In his first television role since Entourage, Jeremy Piven returns to the tube as retail tycoon Harry Gordon Selfridge in Mr. Selfridge, airing this Sunday night on PBS. Piven has traded in his aviator shades for a pocket watch and necktie, and we can't wait to watch his transformation unfold. Set in early-1900s London, this period drama is a far cry from modern fashion reality shows like It's a Brad Brad World or The Rachel Zoe Project, but given the bawdy ways of Piven's character, it promises to be a lot of fun nonetheless.

Centered around the story of the American fashion mogul who started the London-based department store Selfridges in 1909, Mr. Selfridge chronicles the eccentric ways of this notorious playboy, the women drawn to his luxurious store and his personal mission to change shopping forever. Mr. Selfridge gives us a highbrow, scripted take on the birth of a modern department store, explaining how shopping evolved in a time when the rich considered shopping to be a crass hobby. Selfridge turned retail into a lavish adventure for wealthy customers with his innovative store architecture (several stores are now landmarks), flashy window displays and, of course, beautiful clothing. We're all for that!

Fans of the gorgeous costumes on Downton Abbey will also appreciate Mr. Selfridge's lavish wardrobe. "We're giving them style, glamour, razzmatazz!" Selfridge says in the show preview—and we can't wait to live vicariously through characters sporting enormous feather hats, vintage jewelry, minks and ballgowns. Most of all, we can't wait to see Piven adhering to high society etiquette in a vintage tuxedo and top hat. Catch the premiere of Mr. Selfridge this Sunday at 9/8 c on PBS!

Watch a scene from the first episode below:

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