Nail Polish Vending Machines And More From Around the Web

Wait, hold up. There's a vending machine for nail polishes?! [Garance Doré]

17 percent of Lululemon pants currently on shelves were just recalled for being too see-through. (In case naked yoga's not your thing.) [WSJ]

Check out Solange's Knowles' style during last week's SXSW events. [MTV Style]

Karl Lagerfeld will be back in the director's chair this week, making a short film celebrating the 100th anniversary of Chanel's first boutique. His chosen star? Keira Knightley. [WWD]

Only the New York Times could get Buzz Aldrin (you know, the astronaut?) to do product reviews of La Mer self-tanner and an Alexander Wang leather eye mask. [T]

Still sad Girls' second season ended over the weekend? Take a little trip down memory lane, with the show's costume designer rehashing her 9 favorite outfits from this season. [Time]

Photo via Garance Doré

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