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Hanna's Look
Pros: Hanna is ringing in Spring the right way in this lovely light pink blazer.  Even her nails complement this great use of blush, and that makes us blush with pride.
We love sequins, just not with this outfit. Hanna is experiencing some upper body schizophrenia — her blazer screams business, while her flashy tank seems better suited for a club.
Emily's Look
Pros: Emily remains the master of effortless cool. We love the open leather jacket and the black pocket detailing on her free-flowing blouse. It all feels very carefree and yet also carefully considered.

Cons: There's an awful lot of monochrome happening here! We love a brown palette as much as the next person, but a pop of another color (any color!) might have helped this ensemble to perk up a bit.
Spencer's Look
Pros: Finally, Spencer is out of Radley and back to wearing awesome outfits! We love this black and white printed dress with the embellished collar, and her stacked heels are pretty kick butt.
Cons: We always encourage showing a little leg, and we think Spencer should ditch the tights. Her dress is conservativ enough, and we think the tights are a little dowdy, and blend into her great black heels.
Aria's Look
Pros: Aria is never afraid to take a walk on the wild side, and we love that. We think her colorful geo print jeggins are awesome, and we give her mad cred for rocking layered gold chains.
Cons: There is a lot going on here. We think Aria could tone it down a bit with the layers and patterns, and maybe swap out her diamond-printed top for a just a plain tee. The giant tiger on her jacket (not shown here) is perhaps more frightening than it is fashionable.
The Winner is... Spencer!
Spencer has really kicked it up a notch with this sophisticated look. We are inspired to invest in more black-and-white prints this Spring. What a dress of fresh air!