Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Finale: Fashion Face-Off

There's never a dull moment in Rosewood, and Tuesday night's finale of Pretty Little Liars'  third season might just be the most riveting episode yet. Spencer reappears after her stay in Radley, new alliances (and romances!) are revealed, and more mysteries surround that pesky A. As always, we enjoyed this week's fashion statements just as much as we liked the nail-biting plot twists.

All of our Pretty Little Liars rocked awesome outfits, but whose was the best? Click through to see in our Fashion Face-off. Do you agree with our choice?

Spencer's Look

Pros: Finally, Spencer is out of Radley and back to wearing awesome outfits! We love this black and white printed dress with the embellished collar, and her stacked heels are pretty kick butt.

Cons: We always encourage showing a little leg, and we think Spencer should ditch the tights. Her dress is conservativ enough, and we think the tights are a little dowdy, and blend into her great black heels.

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