Cute New Actress Alert: Helen George from Call the Midwife

Londoner Helen George has become well-versed in vintage style, thanks to her role on historical drama Call the Midwife. The new BCC series follows the stories of several young midwives in 1950s England, as they learn to make their way delivering babies in an impoverished part of London. George plays Trixie, the spunkiest midwife in the bunch, and rocks an authentic nurse's uniform (including undergarments!) for most of the first season, making it a rare treat for the actress to sport new retro duds. George is also no stranger to historical roles. In 2011 she appeared in The Three Mustketeers alongside Milla Jovovich and Matthew MacFadyen. Here, George reveals what its like to wear '50s attire on set, how vintage style inspires her real life wardrobe, and what fashion staples she can't live without this spring. Click through our slideshow to shop George's style, and be sure to catch George on the new season of Call the Midwife, starting this Sunday, March 31, at 8 p.m. ET. on PBS!

Lucky: Trixie is the saucy blonde among uptight midwives. Do you relate to Trixie's sassy character?

Helen George: Trixie is such a fun character to play, I love her gumption and confidence . I probably share her thirst for dressing up, fashion and a bit of glamour. But I wish I was as fearless as she is!

Does wearing a consistent uniform on the show make you appreciate your personal style more?

One of the great things in the second season of the show is that you see more of the characters in their off duty clothes! Of course we still need our uniforms, but it's been great to experiment with various '50s looks. Trixie gets a large range of accessories, and a few beautifully tailored dresses. But there is nothing better than stripping off at the end of a long days filming and pulling on my slouchy jeans and vintage biker boots!

Are there any wardrobe pieces you wish you could take home?

I would love to take home my tailored cigarette pants, they are black and fit like a glove. Trixie always wears them with black ballet pumps but I'd love to wear them with some bright heals and a silk top. One day I'll be allowed..

How comfortable is the '50s nurse's getup?

I'm very used to wearing the '50's clothes now, but we do wear the original underwear. Normally a body suit which pulls you in in all the right places, but it does mean being strict with yourself at lunch!

What is it like to be transported back to 1950s London while filming the show? Are you inspired by the fashion choices back then?

I'm absolutely inspired by the '50s clothes, I even had a '50s style wedding dress made for me, based on an old Dior dress.

What are your three personal wardrobe staples?

My three wardrobe staples have to include my black court shoes to go with jeans, leather pants or, my next staple, the LBD. I have a great selection of vintage and new to dress up and down accordingly. I have a great cutout Helmut Lang at the moment. A denim shirt is my next, so good for dressing down a dress, wearing it open and rolling the sleeves up to give a slightly "undone"  look. Or buttoned up to the top with a pair of capri pants and brogues

Where do you shop when you want a bargain? Where do you shop when you're in the mood to splurge?

I shop in Maje for a splurge and Topshop for a bargain.

Who are your favorite designers?

I love French designers, Isabel Marant is great. I have a great crepe sundress that looks great with grungy boots and of course her boots are amazing! Also love BASH and Maje.

What's on your spring shopping list?

I need some bright colours and prints to combat the chilling UK weather! I'm also really into vintage jumpsuits and searching for a coral '70s number.