Happy Birthday, Sarah Jessica Parker! Shop the Star's Style Signatures

Today marks Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker's 48th birthday—and we think the actress otherwise known as Carrie Bradshaw has never looked better. Over the years, SJP's launched a number of groundbreaking trends—nameplate necklaces, Manolo Blahniks and flower brooches, anyone?—and even though nearly a decade has passed since her hit HBO series ended, the superstar has continued to wow us on red carpets around the globe.

So what's SJP's secret? Although she's quick to change up her famous hair (one year it's long and curly, the next it's stick-straight and bobbed), the actress sticks to her favorite style standbys like, well, Carrie to her five-inch heels. Click through to learn which wardrobe staples SJP swears by—and shop them, too!

Statement Necklaces

There's nothing like a chainmail choker, strand of shimmering crystals or string of bold beads to amp up an outfit—a fact SJP knows full well.

WWD/Steve Eichner