Shop It: Bright Spring Bags

It snowed yesterday in NYC, so equinoxes, Gregorian calendars and non-shadow-seeing groundhogs aside, it still feels like winter here. And according to my resources ( it's not sundress or even ankle-baring weather yet for much of the country, which is a bummer for those of us who've already seasonally closet-swapped our boots and sweaters for sandals and tank tops.

To compensate, we'll be stepping into the springy spirt with some bright, cheery bags that are a little more colorful than the ones we've been carrying these past few months. Click through below to see our favorites, each of which winks a bit at spring (without going full-on gauzy-white-dress-and-straw-hat or anything).

We love the shape, the clasp, the crackly leather and (of course) the color.

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