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We love the shape, the clasp, the crackly leather and (of course) the color.

The black backdrop really makes those flowers pop.

Choose a tomboy satchel in a super-feminine shade.

There's a lot going on, and yet it all seems so polished.

Wear it with another punchy accessory, like round sunglasses or metallic sandals.

Lemon yellow accents look so good with grays, blacks and other neutrals.

Not too far off from a classic brown or camel tote, but somehow it just feels cheerier.

It's got instant outfit-maker appeal.

Pair it with a red cocktail dress for an unexpected color combo.

Structured top-handle satchels feel even fancier in ladies-who-lunch pastels.

For all those upcoming outdoor concerts.

The perforated design and sleek envelope shape make it less classic girly-girl, a little more "cool art dealer at a Miami Beach party."