Shop it: Short Wedding Dresses

Last fall, both Jessica Biel and Anne Hathaway chose pink gowns instead of white ones for their weddings. Perfectly pale—blush, really—those gowns twisted tradition without fully shattering it. They were pretty awesome, but left a teeny problem in their wake: wearing a light pink gown right now could feel like you were copying those celebs. Sorta like wearing a long-sleeved lace gown and a tiara the summer after Kate Middleton's wedding.

So for brides who want a wedding dress that reads as unique rather than celeb-inspired, we'd suggest straying from a creative color and picking a white dress with a more intriguing hemline. Like these ones in the slideshow below—which double, of course, as super-pretty, no-hassle reception dresses.

The best for dancing.

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