Shop It: Eight Pastel Pink Pieces

When I was about three years old, my mother offered to paint my bedroom any shade I wanted. Without hesitation, I blurted out: "pink!" And not just any pink, but the frothiest, girliest, babiest, pink-iest pastel pink there is.

I was content with this choice for a good three or four years, before announcing my newfound "tomboy" status, a persona based on the plucky heroines in my favorite novels. Pippi Longstocking would never pick pink, and neither would Anne of Green Gables or Felicity Merriman. Changes had to be made.

The first overhaul involved my personal style. Instead of frilly skirts, I dressed in oversized T-shirts and backwards baseball caps. Then, I began calling everyone "dude," playing kickball with the boys at recess and gave my Barbie collection to Goodwill. Last to go was my walls' ballet slipper hue, replaced by bright yellow with a deep blue trim. This stuck around until I left for college—along with my ongoing refusal to wear anything blush, fuchsia or rose.

It wasn't until last September, when Miuccia Prada—the Pippi, Anne and Felicity of my adult years—showcased slick satin cherry-blossom-colored ensembles for Spring 2013, that I began to reconsider my ways. For a good six months, I chewed on the idea, letting it roll around my mind like an agitating pebble in my shoe—could it be? Could it possibly be that frothy, girly, baby pastel pink is cool again? By the time February Fashion Month arrived, bringing with it even more petal-hued from Chloé, Céline and Dior, I was already sold.

Let's embrace our inner girly-girls together! Shop my eight pastel pink picks in the slideshow below.

Because everyone you know owns the green version.