The Mindy Project Season 1, Episodes 13-16: Shop the Show

The Mindy Project is full of stylish characters, but Kaling's Dr. Mindy Lahiri easily wins our vote for best dressed. Bright colors and bold prints are never in short supply, and she's totally on trend in every episode. She even knows how to make a lab coat and scrubs look cool, often pairing them with a bright blouse and jewel-drop earrings.

Of course, the real-life Mindy has never hidden her love of fashion and even riffs about it on her own blog, The Concerns of Mindy Kaling (which we totally wish she would update more often—but hey, she's pretty busy writing, starring in, and executive-producing her own show, so...).

Click through to shop some of our favorite Dr. Mindy outfits from the series' most recent episodes.

Photos: Fox Broadcasting Company

Mindy's cardigan-centric look is fun and colorful—perfect for a date with Seth Rogen (or, you know, whomever).

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