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Zoe loves a '90s Chloe Sevigny crop top, and turtleneck versions are our favorites.
Leather on leather on leather on leather. (Vegan leather works too, of course.)
Oversize portfolios have more swagger than dainty little box clutches.
Evening gowns should be the sort of thing that'd fit right in at Kate Moss' wedding: breezy, boho, never stuffy.
Choose a statement necklace with a bit of verve. Classic rosaries always work to channel that '80s "Like a Virgin" vibe.
If you're gonna go colorful, do it in a hippie way, with a sparkly bed jacket or printed kimono draped over that cocktail dress.
Only middle schoolers and people with office jobs bother to wear camisoles underneath their sheer printed blouses.
Black. Eyeliner. With. Everything. Use the cotton bud to smudge it ever-so-slightly, so you look like you slept in it (but, you know, don't actually do that).