Shopping Fan Fiction: Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is a lot teenier than I am, but our dogs are similarly sized—which is how we got talking while flipping through the same rack at Barneys last weekend. Without the interruption of her Prada satchel barking at me, I would've continued to give her the glassy "famous person nonchalance" I rely on to prove my status as a true New Yorker. But her handbag (or, rather, dog) did bark.

Victoria apologized for startling me, and I assured her it was fine, that I was used to yappy small things since I have one of my own. And I don't know if it was that, exactly, which had her take a liking to me—but something did, because we kept talking and spent the rest of the afternoon shopping together. Just Victoria and me (and her dog), like something out of my middle school "I CALL BEING POSH SPICE IN THE TALENT SHOW!" dreams. Here's where we went and what we bought:

Downtown at Zara, Vic zeroed in on this red dress for its unusually high neckline. "It just sort of elevates it from the standard shift, you know?" Of course, I nodded. When Vic asks something, you nod.

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