Our Editor-Approved Spring Break Packing Guide: Florida

When I first tell someone I grew up in South Florida, I'm usually met with an incredulous stare. Is my pale complexion that blinding? My hair not windswept enough? Do I seem too, well, serious to have spent my childhood years minutes away from the beach?

Regardless of the fact that I often feel like a fish out of water when I return to Miami Beach for my precious twice-annual family visits, I will admit that my hometown's a prime place to spend one's spring break. As are the slightly-further-north Destin and St. Petersburg, the latter of which recently received some scandalous screen time in Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers (more on the film here, here and here). Indeed, whether you're in search of sun, seaside sports, spot-on shopping, prime frozen beverages or all of the above, Florida's where it's at. But you'll have to dress the part!

Contrary to popular opinion—and what you'll find in certain shops lining Miami Beach's Washington Avenue—Sunshine State style is about far more than clear-soled platform heels, thong bikinis and kitschy tourist tees. For proof, click through to shop our Florida-perfect packing picks.

We'll never understand why the flamingo isn't Florida's state bird. (Really, guys—the mockingbird?)

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