Shop It: Spring Breakers

Directed by Harmony Korine of Kids fame, Spring Breakers features a handful of tween idols as you've never seen them before. Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Korine (yep, the director's wife) star as Faith, Brit, Candy and Cotty, a group of college BFFs who decide to rob a local fast food restaurant to finance their spring break getaway in St. Petersburg, Florida. While they successfully carry off the heist and make it to their booze-soaked destination, the foursome's fun in the sun gets cut short when they're arrested for partying just a wee bit too hard.

Enter Alien (an almost unrecognizable, but shockingly natural James Franco), a local rapper/drug dealer who posts the girls' bail and takes them under his questionable wing. To reveal anything more from the hard-R-rated indie flick would spoil it—except to say that the movie's color-saturated cinematography and Heidi Bivens-styled wardrobe are rife with fashion inspiration. Even if you're more into innocent sunbathing and hot-tubbing than engaging in turf wars and random criminal activities (and we hope you are), you're sure to find some spring break style inspiration in the slideshow below. Click through to shop our Spring Breakers-inspired picks and to see some stills from the film, opening nationwide on March 22.

All that's missing here is a cornrow-sporting James Franco crooning Britney tunes.