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All that's missing here is a cornrow-sporting James Franco crooning Britney tunes.
Face it: when you're on spring break, that "cover-up" isn't really supposed to cover anything.
We adored the mirrored shades Gomez wears throughout the film, and Westward Leaning makes some of the best reflective options on the market.
Spring break forevuhhh.
A bit more subtle than the girls' "DTF" sweatpants, but far more family-friendly.
Just cheesy enough (sorry).
Lots of room for sunscreen, beverages, squirt guns...
Gomez' character Faith favors Dunks over flip-flops—and we concur.
For a rave-worthy mani.
Those wary of crazy tan lines need not apply.
An Alien-approved pair of shades that pair well with gleaming grillz.
Remember, day drinking's dehydrating.
The vegan leather insets add extra attitude.
Careful, she bites.
To be filled with Natty Light, PBR—or something harder, most likely.
Far more stylish than flip-flops.
Make those memories last forever.
Unicorn appliqué optional.