Brit Songstress Little Boots Reveals The Secret To Shopping For Tiny Feet

Victoria Hesketh gets her stage name Little Boots from her exceptionally tiny feet. "I have stupid small feet," she says. "It's a nightmare to find shoes" says the British singer, who is delighted Miu Miu makes shoes in her size (a UK size 2 which is size 3 here in the US). Today in our Lucky offices, the petite five-foot-three singer looks adorably retro and relaxed in a purple and aqua printed dress, black Moschino blazer and black patent Mui Mui slip-ons. "I wasn't even going to wear this!" she says. "It was left over from casting a video. It's just a cheap vintage dress, but I was like, 'I gotta have that!'" When Hesketh tucks her signature bleach blonde 'do behind her ears, there are flashes of large, gem encrusted dangly earrings. "I got these off ASOS," she says. "I am a bit of an ASOS fiend because they have a great petite section."

With her sophomore album Nocturnes out May 5, listeners are in for a sexy nighttime feel. The disco-heavy dance album is influenced by artists like Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder and Sister Sledge which Hesketh says it's is truer to herself than her previous work. She was inspired to write the record while on an international DJ tour, an experience she says was very different than the first time around. "With Hands (her 2009 debut), it went from me writing songs in my mum's garage to recording in LA for 24 hours, and then flying back again to work with Red One who produced Lady Gaga," Haskeths says. "This time I put more pressure on myself to get it how I wanted and to not make any creative compromises." Hasketh recorded the album in Bristol, England with producer Tim Goldsworthy, who has also worked with the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Cut Copy. She says her on stage style has evolved alongside her music. "This album is more grownup, and I think my style reflects that," she says.

Hasketh sat down with Lucky to talk custom shoes, thrift shopping, and her inability to pack light on tour.

What is your approach to packing for tour?

Unfortunately, I do shop and also I bring a lot of stuff. My tour manager yells at me every time. I bring a giant suitcase jammed full and then buy stuff in every place. He's like, "You're not coming on this tour without two suitcases!" I am like, "I can fit it all in one!" I'll be cramming shoes down the side of a keyboard case, and he's like, "I told you, you can't do that. It'll break! It'll damage in transit!" I'm always getting in trouble.

As a shoe lover, how do you cope with your very tiny feet?

When we are in Japan, I buy a suitcase full of shoes because they make small shoes there. In England,, the smallest adult size is too big for me, so it's a real pain in the ass. There's also a designer called Terry de Havilland in London. He's more like an old school cobbler. He makes beautiful shoes. He's handmade me some custom ones for stage and they're really lovely and beautiful. He's amazing. It's really hard work with shoes. For the stage, the best thing is to try to get something custom.

How does DJ style compare to your stage style?

I love big boot wedges, they're really great. I can't wear any earrings because my headphones crush them against my face. I have a million sparkly tops. It's funny with DJing because you are cut off from the waist down, so you're not going to see any kind of like cool skirts of trousers or even shoes. So I really had a phase when I was DJing a lot when I just dressed from the top up. I was like, "This is not a good mantra from everyday life. I need to stop."

Where do you like to shop? Do you mix high and low fashion?

In London, I am a big TopShop girl. I just love it. There is this new store called & Other Stories that just opened. I think it's owned by H&M. It's really high-end, high street, it's really stylish. I love a lot of classic designers like Chanel and Moschino and Dior, and I always go vintage shopping on tour as well.

What wardrobe staples can you not go without on tour?

This jacket is from Moschino, it's a vintage jacket. I love a good jacket. My friend got it for me, and it has little bugs on the buttons. It's from the '90s and I feel a bit like Power Buffy when I wear it. These Mui Mui slip-on shoes are great because I am always in bloody airports, so I have to take all my belongings off. I always bring some big high shiny heels and a million pairs of vintage earrings to dress anything up.

What beauty products keep you looking fresh onstage?

I love Chanel lipsticks and eyeliner, they're just brilliant. I also have quite a lot of Clinique. The liquid eyeliner is the best one in the world because I am always doing big graphic eyes. Their skincare is really great as well. I have quite a lot of MAC too. It's great for stage because it stays put. I have to have a lot of sparkles and things. I love Bumble and Bumble. I am going to go to the pharmacy and get loads here because it's cheaper. I also love just like, crap dry shampoo. The Baptiste is the one I always get. It saves my life time and time again. I blast myself with dry shampoo and pray for the best. Especially when my hair is full of bleach, you know.

Where is the best city to thrift shop?

Tokyo is awesome because if you are into band t-shirts they have every single one you've ever seen. I got this amazing Duran Duran baseball top. When we played Coachella at Palm Springs in 2010, the volcano (in Iceland) went off and all the flights were canceled. I had this designer, specially made outfit that got stuck in England, so we had to troll all the stores in Palm Springs, and I had to make a makeshift outfit out of random Palm Springs things. It was like, "Oh my god," but It ended up being one of my favorite outfits because it had been made from all this crazy stuff. So Palm Springs saved my life that day.


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