Uniqlo Makes Andy Warhol T-Shirts You'll Want To Wear All The Time

When it comes to the Warhol movement and my wardrobe, I'm way more influenced by Edie than Andy. I'm always down for a little gallery-browsing, but I'd prefer to do it while dressed in my favorite Sedgwick-style striped shirt and dangly earrings.

But Uniqlo's just-released T-shirt collection inspired by the late artist makes wearable pop art seem much less scary. While the line incorporates the kind of bright prints and colors I usually shy away from, it does so with extra-soft fabric in very basic shapes—the kind of deceptively cozy stuff I can wear with my favorite black jeans and still look like I put in some effort.

I also really love that the tops don't scream "I AM COOL! I LIKE ANDY WARHOL!" as if they were purchased from a museum gift shop. Many of them don't even include his most famous work—and the ones that do are very subtle about it. People probably won't even notice you're wearing Warhol until they're already mid-compliment ("Where did you get this? I love it so much! You know what it kind of reminds me of...").

Along with the women's styles, there are also options for men and children, though I'm not ruling those out for myself either. The designs are just as good, after all, and by ordering up or down a size I can get the right fit. And even though everything is super-affordable anyways (priced between $12.90 and $19.90), the children's styles cost roughly two-lattes'-worth less. Click through the slideshow below to shop my five favorite styles and visit to browse everything.