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Beach Bag
Yes, it's a man's bag, but it's so good. Also, its zip-closure will keep the sand away from your books, phone and bags of chips.
Safety first! Always protect your skin in the sun.
Unless you're one of those beach people who doesn't like to go swimming. Lame.
Beach Towel
You can one-up anybody with a Colette x Saturdays NYC towel. Seriously.
Because what beach gathering is complete without some tunes?

Watch that glare.       

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Giant Hat
Helpful for protecting from the sun, but essential for Instagram selfies.
So maybe you've spent the whole day on the beach and you suddenly get the urge to grab a hot dog down the road. You can't just stroll over in your bathing suit, so be sure to have this handy.
Yes, they're daring, but you'll be running up and down the shore at lightning speed—like a Greek goddess.
Okay, we get it, goddess sandals aren't for everybody. Regardless, you're gonna need something on your feet! Try these.
We're not in full-on summer yet, so temperatures can still get a little cool in the evenings. Set up a bonfire on the beach with your pals and cozy up in something impossibly soft.