What to Wear for Easter, Passover and Other Springtime Special Occasions

Whether you're spending this week hunting for Easter eggs or the Passover afikomen, snacking on Cadbury Creme Eggs or coconut macaroons, you're going to need some stellar outfit options for all that family time ahead. Relatively conservative silhouettes and food-baby-accomodating cuts are important, sure—but so is an overall festive feel and an attention to spring hues. Click through for four outfit options that'll fit right in (and still help you stand out!) at this week's seders, Sunday supper or wherever that next family shindig might take you.

Whether you're planning to go H.A.M. on that Easter ham or treating yourself to second helpings of charoset, a non-constricting dress is key. Trapeze silhouettes don't do a girl's physique any favors, but why not try a dropped-waist version? So very Gatsby. Add a clutch just big enough for your essentials (or the afikomen) and you're set.