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Like something straight out of Marie Antoinette's jewelry box.
The perfect bare-bones ID bracelet—and obviously, it's engravable.
We're loving that cloudless-skies-and-iced-lemonade color palette.
This one's giving us some serious Daenerys vibes. Fire-breathing dragons optional.
So what if your name's not actually Carmen, Pam or Doreen? With bangles this cute, nobody's gonna care.
Looks like a decades-old family heirloom you should keep next to your cracked-on-purpose hand mirror and antique birdcage.
Looks like Hermès, but costs less than $25. Such a win.
Ideal for those looking to jump wrists-first into the hologram trend.
The perfect hit of punk against an otherwise quite polished piece.
No flash or splash here, folks—just simple geometry.
If you like it, than you shoulda put a pin on it.
The skull trend's been done to death (pun intended)—but done in wood and strung on a neon yellow bungee cord, this little bracelet feels fresh.
Is there any color out there more summery than turquoise? We think not.
Pearls can sometimes seem stuffy—but juxtaposed against brassy chains, they're more downtown than Downton.
Is Easter over? Yes. Does that mean we're going to shelve our bunny-accented pieces 'til next spring? Not a chance.
A little creepy, sure—but talk about a conversation piece!
You'd have to be nuts to resist this little bangle.
Don't want to wear your heart on your sleeve? Put in on your wrist instead.
In the immortal words of Tyra Banks in the 2000 made-for-TV movie Life-Size, be a star.
Marc Jacobs-style stripes on a dime? Why not!
The chunky mini-cylinders make this pretty bracelet a texture lover's dream.
Clear accessories have never been bigger. Get into it.
A thick, nautical chain bracelet never dates.
Kinda like a wearable constellation.
Like a more grown-up take on the classic made-at-camp friendship bracelet—and we love that little dangling spear.