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An instant conversation starter—just take care not to make too many sudden arm movements.
Balenciaga issued a similar gobstopper-sized ring several seasons back. Obviously, this one's far better priced.
Who knew tentacles could look this good?
Tiny star-adorned rings are a dime a dozen, but we love the cartoony feeling of this oversized version.
We're nutty about these stackable, versatile little guys.
A sparkling, showstopping, multi-faceted take on the classic evil eye bauble.
Yes, it's Marc Jacobs. Yes, it's 10 bucks. Yes, it's adorable.
Even if you've got allergies, feel free to let this feline curl up around your finger.
In case anyone out there's still searching for the perfect Coachella ring...
Wood and metal are the ultimate organic-chic combo.
Is it just us, or should there be another zero at the end of that price tag?
The sweetest little reminder we've ever spotted.
Twelve bucks is a small price to pay to ward off wicked spirits—and look good while doing so.
Why the cuss don't we own this yet?
We're pretty sure this is already safely stowed in Taylor Swift's jewelry box.
It doesn't get much better—or more elegant—than thin whisps of chain circling your digits.
Wear it traditionally—or size it smaller, tea ring-style.
In case you haven't noticed, we get really into anchors come springtime.

Easter may be over, but you can wear this hippity hoppity fellow all year round.

Go ahead—pretend it's a priceless family heirloom passed down from your great-great-grandfather.
Nicole Richie didn't invent the sunburst—she was just the first to put it on an oversized, completely awesome cocktail ring.
Prep meets punk.
Looks like something your favorite Game of Thrones heroine (or villainess) would wear.
The customizable lovechild of the charm necklace and classic signet ring.

Way too cool for school.