The Handbag Our Fashion Director Swears By

Finding the perfect bag—the kind of bag matching more than three-quarters of one's wardrobe, with unbulky roominess, that looks expensive but can be worn casually—sounds like an impossible task, right? Not for our Fashion Director, Anne Keane. She found her own perfect bag some time ago in Louis Vuitton's 'Sofia' style. Now, she faces an even more daunting challenge: stopping at just one. (Or in her case, two. She has one in cream and a second, larger version in burgundy.)

"The funny thing is, this should be the bag that makes me want to stop buying bags," she told me as we browsed through images of the carryall's eponymous creator, Sofia Coppola, online this morning. "The irony here is that it's so perfect, but I still want more."

After pausing to click on an image of Ms. Coppola, pictured in a basic men's button-down and black pants, she continued. "It [the bag] really does embody her style: simple, understated, luxe. Whenever I carry one of mine, really chic girls always ask about it. They say, 'You know, that really is the perfect bag.'"

Switching to a digital camera, Anne began to show me shots from her latest visit to the Louis Vuitton showroom, while explaining that her beloved 'Sofia' will soon be produced in a smaller size, and she's wrestling with the urge to expand her collection. I asked her what color she wants and she directed my attention to a mink-lined satchel. "This is so cute—so are these." She flipped the screen to versions with fur on the outside that look like small animals.

I turned the conversation back to the mini 'Sofia' and asked her, again, which color she prefers. Anne pointed back to her desktop, to a snapshot of Kirsten Dunst with a navy LV carryall and mentioned how cute the actress looked. So navy, then?

Anne set down the camera and smiled. "Well, there's a lot of colors to choose from. But maybe I'd start with black."

To find a 'Sofia' bag in a LV store near you, call 866-VUITTON.

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