6 Simple Steps To Finding A Strapless Bra That Really, Truly Fits

A new strapless bra is quite possibly the single most important purchase you can make towards your summer wardrobe. Not sure you need a new one? Here's a quick test: if your strapless bra is not its original color or constantly falls down, toss it and invest in a new bra that will get you through the whole season—and formal events long after.

Follow these six simple guidelines to find a strapless bra that really—truly!—fits you perfectly.


1. Fit. A good strapless bra will not fall down! A good strapless bra is very fitted around the band, with the center gore lying flat against your breast bone and breasts not flowing over the top. This is a time to re-size if you haven’t in a while, which probably means going down a size in the band and up a size in the cup.

Silicone inside the cups of a strapless bra will give extra stay-up support. Skip the moisturizer and powder around the bra area for the silicone to work its magic!