Betsey Johnson: From Iconic Designer to Reality TV Star

You probably wore a Betsey Johnson party dress to your prom. If you didn't, you probably wanted to. Famous for her cartwheels down the catwalk, recent Lucky FABB speaker Betsey Johnson embodies the carefree, eccentric quality of her clothing—and now, you can follow the iconic designer as she relaunches her brand and even goes to therapy sessions. (Oh, the beauty of reality TV!) On the Style Network's new series XOX Betsey Johnson, which just premiered last Sunday, Betsey adds "reality star" to her resumé at the age of 70—and shares the spotlight with her daughter, 35-year-old budding fashion designer Lulu.

The show chronicles Betsey's attempts to revamp her brand after it almost went under and was saved by her good friend and fellow designer Steve Madden. "With my old company, I called all the shots," she says. "But I guess I shot a little crooked, because we ended up going bankrupt." A fiercely independent creative type, Betsey must learn to work with others under Madden's label, all while trying to fix her tumultuous relationship with Lulu. The inseparable mom-daughter duo live in the same Upper East Side apartment complex, and things get tense as Lulu tries to launch her own line separate from the Betsey Johnson label. Enter mother-daughter couples therapy.

As much as we love a good reality drama in general, we really love being able to gain insight into Betsey's whirlwind lifestyle. Whether she's giving random strangers fashion advice on the Upper East Side, sketching bunny purses in the back of a limo or drinking mimosas at the gym, Betsey does everything with unquestionable flair. XOX Betsey shows that we could all stand to have a little more fun in life—just like the woman who created our teenage dream dresses. We can't wait to see how this season unravels.

Check out a trailer for XOX Betsey below, and be sure to catch it on the Style Network every Sunday at 8/7c!

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Betsey strikes a playful pose with Lulu.