Coachella Looks We Love—And How You Can Pull Them Off

Ah, Coachella—that magical weekend-long fun-fest filled with some of the craziest style statements imaginable. Last weekend, I spotted all manner of off-the-wall accessories and barely-there apparel in Indio—from pot leaf-shaped pasties to six-inch platform boots to shorts so short they could only be described as denim underwear. And while the vast majority of Coachella attire could never translate smoothly to the streets, many of the annual event's superstar performers turned out in looks that provided us with tons of outfit inspiration.

Click through to see what Karen O, Solange Knowles, Tegan and Sara and more wore when they took the stage last weekend—and to shop cool inspired-by alternatives you don't need to be a desert-dweller to wear.

Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Karen's first performance outfit—a head-to-toe metallic iridescent suit—was eye-catching and all, but this studded leather jacket? Far more wearable (even if yours isn't personalized like the singer's version).

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