We've Found You A Striped Shirt In Every Color of The Rainbow!

graphic by Hillary McDaniels, Production Assistant

Next time you're at the Condé Nast building and looking for a friend, say hi to the nearest lady in a striped T-shirt—chances are she's a Lucky editor. A unwavering love of horizontally lined tops is on daily display in our offices; I always spot at least one on the way to the bathroom, another on my walk back. It's not uncommon for three of us to appear in identical sailor shirts in the morning, only to repeat the same thing 24 hours later.

Our obsession with the uniform of mimes, prisoners and Waldo doesn't stop with a standard palette of navy, red and black. Neons, jewel tones and pastels are all welcome here and make frequent appearances. In fact, the more striking the hue, the better the find, as there's less chance that our desk neighbor owns the same piece. (Or, at least in the same color.)

Today, we'd like to invite you to join our merry band of striped tee-loving zealots by ordering one, some or all (!) of the 30 options below, in every imaginable shade. Welcome to the club. (For advance member status: wear your purchase with florals.)