We've Found 'Em! Prom Shoes You Can Actually Dance In

I've been to a bunch of weddings where the no-Pinterest-detail-overlooked bride stashes flip-flops by the dance floor. It's great—free flip flops!—but it sorta bad, too, because it's an enabler. Barring unforeseen new shoe emergencies, everyone should own a pair (or three) of default party shoes that are as fun to look at as they are easy to wear. And instead of intentionally wearing shoes that make us hate our feet twenty minutes into the party, we should wear those, and make those flip-flop relief pitchers way less necessary.

Sure, some heels you only need for sitting in meetings in a pencil skirt that you also can't move in, or walking 50 feet from a parking space to your dinner table (and maybe to the bathroom or coat check, but that's it). But for standing-for-three-hours cocktail parties, weddings and especially prom—a top 40 remix heaven, no matter where you are—you need high heels you can actually dance in, too. With plush straps, hidden platforms, cushioned soles or lower heels (relatively), these nine pairs fit the bill, enough so that you wouldn't change into emergency flip-flops if you could. (Which is good, because I'm not sure the phenomena's spread to prom yet anyway.)

Those straps are padded, so you can buckle them on as snugly and securely as you want without them cutting into you at all, like many strappy sandals do. It's magic, and I own two pairs in nude & navy.

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