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Those straps are padded, so you can buckle them on as snugly and securely as you want without them cutting into you at all, like many strappy sandals do. It's magic, and I own two pairs in nude & navy.
If lower heels seem ho-hum to you, choose a pair like this. The heel's a relatively tame 3 inches, but the bows and glitter make it feel so girly and fun.
These are 3 inches as well, with cool asymmetric staps and pointy toes that make them more fashion-y.
These have Nike Air technology cushioning the sole, and they're wildly comfortable. You need a pair. (Psst. They also come in nude.)
If your shoes are only peeking out of your gown a teeny bit, why not wear a shoe that's minimal and comfortable, like these? They won't see the low, slightly substantial heel or the hidden platform, just the flirty peep toe peeking out.
They're already one of the cooler looking shoes of all time, but then there's also the hidden platform to consider. Sold.
Maryjane straps are the best. You know that 'I'm falling out!" feeling you get in some pumps, like you could just step out of them? It doesn't happen here. Plus, the hidden platform makes the height so much more manageable.
Another gorgeous option that tops off at 3 inches.
No hidden platform, but man, that heel looks chunky and comfortable.