Nine Pairs of Embroidered Jeans To Buy Before They Sell Out

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Isabel Marant Fall 2011, Fall 2012, Spring 2013

No one gets trends to start—and stick—quite like Isabel Marant. She's the reason why red denim has become more basic than blue and printed pants are totally okay for most offices. Thanks to her, more than 1,000 results appear when you type "wedge sneakers" into the search engine, and even more when you change the term to "ankle booties." The crème de la crème of the cool girls—Kate Bosworth, Rachel Bilson, Lou Dollion—appear in her designs mere days after a show; by the time pieces actually hit stores, the most popular ones have sold out by pre-order.

Now that crimson trousers and athletic shoes you can't actually work out in are totally mainstream, the next Isabel Marant item poised to hit cult status are embroidered jeans. Although she's been incorporating the style in her collections for several years now, it's just starting to catch on this spring. By next fashion week, we predict every street style star from here to The Satorialist will have a pair. Get your own now with one of the nine options in the slideshow below.

If you're going to spluge on anything this season...