Why Our Editor-in-Chief Is Obsessed With Envelope Skirts

Our editor-in-chief, Brandon Holley, has lots of pencil skirts of the boldy-patterned, interestingly-textured variety, like the powder blue leather one she wore on Monday. They say "I'm important—but not, you know, stiff," and they are awesome. So when Brandon said in a meeting today that she wanted to swap out all of her pencil skirts for envelope skirts, it was kind of a "wait...what?" moment, at least initially. It took a second to realize that the declaration wasn't about hating pencil skirts, but more about being into the envelope skirt. Really into it.

As Brandon said, "they still define your waist like a pencil skirt, but instead of rounding out your hips, they're sharp and asymmetrical—which is flattering. And they show a little flash of leg." She suggests wearing them the same way you would a pencil skirt: with silky button-downs, chunky sweaters, structured blazers, whatever—knowing you look just as cool and polished, but maybe a little fresher. We're sold.

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