The Fancy, High Fashion Wetsuits You Never Knew You Needed

When I start trying to shop responsibly, scribbling a game plan of things my wardrobe's missing—more layer-able, easy button-downs, more outfit-making flats—"really fancy wetsuit" never seems to make the list. But then I see the ones Cynthia Rowley's been making since 2010, and when they pop up on Shopbop right before the warm weather hits (now), I'm all, "I need you in my life always and forever."

Nevermind that I have no practical, sporty application for them, since I'm unskilled enough at most watersports to feel doubly try-hard as the bad surfer in all the flashy gear. And as much as I'd love to think I'm being creative by wearing them in real life—maybe tucked into a skirt, like it's a leotard or bodysuit—they're neoprene, which is pretty incomptabile with hot summer weather, let alone subway commutes.

But as a poolside or beach chair outfit when my arms and shoulders are all sunburnt: then it would be awesome. Of course, I don't know if that's enough of a reason to justify buying one, especially when I still have other cheaper, more versatile things on my shopping list. But I have been wanting one for years, and man would they make those summer moments feel glamorous. Click through below to see this year's selection.

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