14 Reasons Flats Are Way Better Than Heels

"No hobbling and limping from point A to point B means you'll arrive at every destination faster, resulting in more free time. You could finally learn Italian! Or read a book!" - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor

Every morning we find ourselves faced with the eternal question: flats or heels? There they sit in your closet, staring at you. Your mind races. "The heels will make me look taller," you tell yourself, "but the flats will be forgiving on my poor tired feet." You think in circles until your brain is fried. What if your heel gets caught in a subway grate and you fall through to the depths of the city's underbelly for days? Would a flat betray you in such a manner? No. A flat would never do that to you. Trust the flat. Embrace the flat. Wear the flat.