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"If I go to an exercise class after work, I feel funny wearing a high heel under my yoga pants. It's no fun to try to walk down the New York City subway stairs sweaty and tired, toting a purse, yoga mat while also balancing on a high heel." - Karen Wilson, Senior Producer
"Flats are much better for outdoor events with unknown terrain. Trying to navigate a grassy field, dusty parking lot or gravel walkway is difficult to do gracefully in heels." - Karen Wilson, Senior Producer
"Because wearing flats means you can hem all your pants the same length." - Verena von Pfetten, Executive Digital Editor
"Because they no matter how fancy the flat, they're still cheaper than heels from the same brand." - Verena von Pfetten, Executive Digital Editor
"Because sneakers were never, ever, ever meant to come with heels." - Verena von Pfetten, Executive Digital Editor
"When I'm halfway down the subway stairs in heels and I hear the train coming, I'll miss it. But in flats I can run and make it." - Alison Syrett, Digital Writer
"My best friend is almost a foot shorter than me so if I wear heels I look like a giant coming to crush her." - Hillary McDaniels, Production Coordinator
"Walking half a mile to the subway in heels is about as fun as walking on broken glass barefoot." - Hillary McDaniels, Production Coordinator
"For those who are accident prone (myself included), wearing flats can be enough of a struggle but add a platform and 4-inch heel? No way." - Hillary McDaniels, Production Coordinator
"Also, sometimes high heels make funny noises when you walk and I find that really annoying." - Hillary McDaniels, Production Coordinator
"Just think of all the money you'll save on Band-Aids." - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor
"Mischa Barton wore flats constantly on The OC, and she's awesome. RIP, Marissa Cooper." - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor
"No hobbling and limping from point A to point B means you'll arrive at every destination faster, resulting in more free time. You could finally learn Italian! Or read a book!" - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor
"When you inevitably find out the guy you're meeting for a first date lied about his height on his profile, he won't feel quite as bad. In flats, you're only one inch taller than he is—not FIVE." - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor