Five Stylish (And Super Simple!) Ways to Beat a Bad Mood

Every find yourself stuck in a bad mood you just couldn't pull yourself out of? You're definitely not alone. Whether it's a standard-issue "case of the Mondays," the aftermath of a bad breakup or the result of workplace stress, bad moods affect every single person on the planet at one point or another. The good news is that while you wait for the metaphorical black cloud to clear, you can help speed up the process via style. Ever heard the expression "looking good, feeling good?" The first really does lead to the second—we swear.

From a party dress in the rainbow's hottest hue to shoes that'll make your mood shine as bright as your toes, click through to shop our five main must-haves for turning that frown upside down—fashionably.

Red Dress

Fact: I interviewed for my very first Big Important Magazine Internship wearing a fire engine-red dress, and it boosted my confidence tenfold (oh, and I got the job). I have a theory that it's impossible—physically impossible—to feel blue when you're wearing red. Bonus: studies show that guys prefer a lady dressed in scarlet—and even if you're headed someplace dude-free, your mood's bound to improve when you're feeling a little sexier than usual.

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