High-Performing Outfits For Every Kind Of Exercise Class


Trying Pilates, doubling gym sessions, spinning every morning—whatever your fitness goal is for 2014, we've got the gear to make it happen. Click through to shop the best outfits for every type of exercise class.

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Yoga Class

Buy your own mat and sling if you can (if not, no worries—most studios have rentals). The more important purchase here is a gathered-bottom tank. Since it's loose up top and fitted at the hips, you'll be able to move freely without getting tangled in fabric during every downward facing dog. Wear it with capri-length leggings—those ensure everything's covered during the more, ahem, open poses—and a cozy pullover to keep warm before and after the session.

Spin Class

Resist the urge to wear shorty shorts on the bike; bottoms should be at least knee-length. Otherwise, things will ride up, chafe and distract you from the ride. As most places provides shoes, always remember clean socks, otherwise you'll spend a small fortune purchasing emergency pairs. And bring face wipes! A few fast swipes before class prevent clogged pores.

Pilates Class

Everything about this type of exercise is low-impact, so it's a good idea to dress in layers; then, you can peel away pieces as your body warms up. Take care that none of the cuts are bulky, as too much fabric will inhibit movement and possibly get caught in the pulley machines.

Kickboxing Class

Invest in a supportive bra because you'll be bouncing around a lot. Besides that, the rest of your outfit must be sleek, simple and hardware-free—there's no time to fuss around with a zipper during punch and jump rope combinations!

Dance Class

Unless you actually pirouette and plié professionally, aim for dancer-off-duty rather than Royal Ballet. The easiest way to do this is by swapping tights for tapered sweats and keeping your bun scrunchie-free. (Or doing a slicked-back ponytail instead.)

Bootcamp Class

If there was ever an legitimate excuse to wear barely-there shorts in public, it's this kind of workout. Show up in anything longer and you'll be sweltering in less than five minutes! To offset the micro-mini-ness of the bottom, pick a looser top made of extra-thin, extra-breathable fabric.
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Don't worry how fast, long or hard you'll be able to go yet—none of that's happening without the right workout wardrobe. Learn the best way to dress for any fitness routine with our handy guide above.

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