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Can't stop, won't stop buying striped things. (Luckily, on sale cashmere is easy to rationalize.)
The perfect outdoor concert shirt/beach cover-up (with a wide neckline that's super-flattering to collarbones, to boot).
Now's the time to buy swimwear: sizes will be gone as soon as it gets a little warmer, and it won't go on sale again until the end of the summer.
Because you can never have too many pairs of verstaile, thin-strapped sandals to kick around in.
Imagine the print-mixing opportunites that'd come with adding a little gingham to your wardrobe.
Short but not too short, and it could easily be dressed up or down. You'll want to wear it all summer.
Bright color, pretty fabric, comfortable silhouette: the ultimate day dress.
The washed out, sun-faded-ness of the green makes it even cooler.
Wear it to all your summer weddings.
Tuck it into a denim jacket for a little extra bit of warmth (cheery, happy warmth) on sunny but chilly spring days.
It's an outfit-maker and it looks more expensive than it is.
Just cave and buy fancy pajamas already. These ones are on sale, and they're awesomely old school.