Get Your Prehistoric Freak On With These Jurassic Park-Inspired Fashion Finds

Are you planning to catch Jurassic Park's splashy new 3D theatrical re-release sometime this month? I just picked up tickets for a weekend showing, and couldn't be more pumped. After all, long before I developed any sort of interest in fashion, Steven Spielberg's landmark 1993 film made me want to dig up dino bones for a living. And when I was seven years old, I may or may not have spent a solid several months dressed in nothing but cutoffs, tied-at-the-midriff button-ups and Timberland boots purely because they constituted Dr. Ellie Sattler's day-to-day uniform.

At any rate, I'm excited to see how the critically-beloved adventure flick holds up a decade after its initial release—not to mention a little nervous at the notion of onscreen dinos stomping and spitting towards me in 3D. To celebrate the movie, I rounded up 20 Jurassic Park-inspired finds to get you in the mood for some prehistoric action. From reptile-patterned denim and dresses to clawed baubles and graphic dino prints, click through to shop them all. And for best results, listen to John Williams' epic theme music below as you do so. Hold onto your butts!