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You've gotta have some Jurassic jewelry.
Sorry about that whole extinction thing, guys.
More Land Before Time cute n' cuddly than JP 3D fearsome, but hey, we'll take it.
A super-subtle way to channel a Stegosaurus.
Flatter your curves, Cretaceous-style.
Just call yourself a sleeposaurus.
C'mon, admit it—most Margiela footwear looks like it was made for crazy prehistoric creatures anyway.
Why not add a Stegosaurus (or two!) to your wrist stack?
A suit with major sex T-rex appeal.
A dino-inspired way to protect your precious eyes, should you find yourself fending off an angry Dilophosaurus (poor Dennis Nedry wasn't quite as lucky).
Dino bones for your earlobes.
The cold-blooded pattern and feminine fluted shape make for the perfect contrast.
Gotta love a T-rex with an attitude.
Presto—instant raptor hands!
A more toned-down, classic way to test-drive the reptilian look.
Because frankly, we prefer our amber mosquito- (and dino DNA)-free.
Bonus: while fleeing from a stampede of Gallimimuses, your legs will blend right in with theirs! How's that for a survival strategy?
The duffle shape is paleontologist-approved, while the exotic embossed finish reminds us of—well, you know.
Emmy Rossum owns this tiny dino charm. We wonder if she's a fan of Spielberg's film too.
We'd be remiss if we didn't include a hat similar to Dr. Grant's. This one, obviously, is a cuter option.