Mad Men Season 6, Episode 1: Shop the Show

Mad Men finally returned last night for a sixth season—and things got weird in the massive two-hour premiere, titled "Doorway." Don and Megan went to Hawaii (or was it heaven?) for a vacation only Megan seemed to enjoy. Verses from Dante's Inferno, sudden deaths and other moribund twists left us with a lingering sense of foreboding. What a way to kick things off! Of course, along with a new season comes new '60s fashion, some of which we're highlighting below. Click through to shop outfits inspired by the season premiere.

Here's Megan, all oblivious and happy in Hawaii in a sexy purple printed bikini. She polishes  off her vivid two-piece (with just a hint of underboob!) with a floppy lavender hat and fun, circular glasses.

Click through to shop her look.