Shop It: Final Four Fashion

We love fashionable athletes and sporty outfits, but we also enjoy cheering on our favorite teams in style. March Madness' Final Four teams are gearing up to duke it out at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, and we've spent the past week finding the perfect outfit for the occasion. Collegiate style is great, but why wear a jersey or basic logo t-shirt when you could amp up your look this year?

We're ditching the typical team apparel and opting for a more chic approach. Wether you're at the arena in Atlanta, watching from the comfort of your couch or cheering from your own college campus, we've got a guide to help you dress the part of a fashionable fan! Click through the slideshow below for unique items inspired by each Final Four team.

Spring has finally sprung, and it's time to haul out those yellows! Root for Wichita State in some bright patterned pants paired with subtle accent pieces.