Go Long! The Best Maxi Dress For Your Body Type, Revealed

If You're Petite...

Aim for a higher waistline! Empire waists give the illusion of height, even when you're in flats. Also, avoid large prints—those will just overwhelm your small frame.

Digital Writer

During my college gig as a boutique shopgirl, I learned that most women are really scared of maxi dresses. There are, of course, exceptions: some ladies would happily try every floor-skimming skirt I suggested, often with such excitement that I'd wind up wanting the piece myself. But for every one of those blessedly easy commissions, I'd get at least five fearful ladies too terrified to even consider the style. Instead, each one would spent 20 minutes explaining exactly why a maxi wouldn't work on her frame.

I've heard every excuse out there—I'm too short, too big-chested, too hippy, too muscle-y—and busted each one with with the right silhouette. Learn which one works for your body shape in the slideshow above.

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