25 Mod-Inspired Pieces To Instantly Update Your Look

We can't get enough of vintage-inspired fashion trends, and our style crushes agree. Singer Kacey Musgraves recently told us, "I'm obsessed with the mid '60s era, even '70s, it was a good era for clothes, hair, music, and cars." When we asked musician  Kat Edmonson what her latest wardrobe addition was, she responded by saying "a mod pair of vintage '70s-era burgundy Etienne Aigner knee-high boots." And with shows like Mad Men and Call The Midwife on air, it's no wonder why we want to emulate that retro look. This week, we're taking style cues from the Brits. We love those '60s mod shift dresses and Mary Janes.

Although it's debated why the mod subculture first materialized, mod fashion dates back to early 1960s London. Some theorize that it got it's roots from 1950s Beatnik culture, others believe it was a countermovement to the Elvis Presley fandom that was happening in America, and still others argue that it got it's start from upper-class citizens with a taste for Italian style. Of course, mod culture itself is pretty easily recognizable if you boil it down to the essentials: The Who, motor scooters, amphetamines to power all-night dance parties, miniskirts, mohair, and false eyelashes.

Some of mod's most iconic designers include Mary Quant (known for her super short miniskirts) and John Stephen, whose shops were located on Carnaby Street in Westminster. Apart from the British youth, mod fashion could be seen on the likes of Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton.

If you're into rounded sunglasses, geometric prints, and false eyelashes, shop these modern takes on mod fashion.

Step back into the 1960s with this super chic dress.

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