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Fact: moms love Downton Abbey (as do their daughters, of course). Treat yours to the hit PBS series' first two seasons in all of their original UK glory, packed with extra scenes that were apparently unfit for American eyes.
Orchids are like the Raf Simonses of the botanical world—so incredibly superior to all others in their field that it's not even funny.
Girl power!
A cool yet classic iPhone case like this one says, "Mom, you're totally down with the digital age." Nobody has to know that she still thinks an Instagram is a type of cookie.
Music you and your mom can listen to and love together? That's hard to find—but if there's anyone out there who fits the bill, it's the Fab Four.
Lululemon might as well be called kryptonite for the motherly set.
If your mom's anything like ours, she likely thinks your mixed-print ensembles are the result of one too many late-night margaritas. Gift her the basic foundation for a pattern-happy look of her own with a vibrant scarf (alcoholic beverage entirely optional).
Moms adore buzzy anti-aging cosmetics—most aren't even shy about admitting it—and this has the added benefit of being a CC cream, i.e. the beauty industry's latest obsession. Done and done—your mom will feel like an in-the-know editor!
A gorgeous piece that looks loads more expensive than it is. Pick one with your mom's first initial—or your own! Either way, she'll adore it.
A gift like this says, "Here's to warm weather, Mom! Please invite me home on summer weekends because you live near a beach and I don't!"