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Wear them with cropped jeans and a white blouse and suddenly the outfit looks very Isabel Marant-y.

They'll pull the blazer and button-down you threw on top into a more cohesive preppy outfit.

Pair with a printed t-shirt and jeans for a sort of "cool kid at brunch" look, or a sundress for a more girly-girl vibe. They can make an outfit in more than one way.

Doesn't matter what you wear them with; it'll be hard for people not to notice them.

So good with a brightly-colored miniskirt.

Instead of black sandals or flats, use them to add an unexpected jolt of color to a basic black sundress.

We'd pair them with an easy, solid-colored shirtdress, or a chambray one, too.

Such a cool way to anchor a litlte white dress.

Any time a classic black and white outfit seems a little ho-hum, add these. They'll pull it together perfectly.