Six Scalloped Styles That Feel Totally On Point For Spring

It's not, like, white linen or anything, but still, there's something about scalloping—that cute little little curved detail on hems and edges—that feels like more of a warm weather thing than a winter one. Maybe it's because it's the very opposite of a winter utilitarianism, like fleece-lined jeans. There's nothing practical about scalloping. Maybe it's because it looks kinda happy, like the shape of a smile, and spring is happy. Or maybe it's because it sort of looks like those doilies usually present at baby showers and outdoor weddings and other sun-drenched spring events.

But really it's probably just because some genius figured out that if you have a bright-colored piece that's otherwise completely simple, all you need to do is add a little scalloping and it look ever-so-slightly better. Like these six things below, each of which feel totally on point for spring: simple but sorta cheery, thanks to that doily-like detail, ready for picnics and sandal weather and all that good stuff.

It's probably impossible to be in a bad mood while wearing this skirt. As if the coral color and scalloped hem aren't enough, there's cupcake embroidery, too. Cupcake. Embroidery. It's fabulously ridiculous, like something a Miu Miu girl would wear with glitter heels and a silk blouse.

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