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It's probably impossible to be in a bad mood while wearing this skirt. As if the coral color and scalloped hem aren't enough, there's cupcake embroidery, too. Cupcake. Embroidery. It's fabulously ridiculous, like something a Miu Miu girl would wear with glitter heels and a silk blouse.

It makes a lemon icing colored bag look even lighter and happier and weekend-lunch-outside-ready.

The absolute best summer shorts. All the utility and versatility of classic denim shorts, but thanks to their lighter fabric and prettier hem, they can go on the fancier, more polished side, too.

Pair it with a floral blouse for a more happy office look.

That scalloping creates the illusion of a more curvy body, so it's great for girls with athletic builds.

A little more girly than a simple blouse, but not too over-the-top.