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"Crewcuts' sweaters come in the same classic cableknits and cool patterns of J.Crew's women's ones, but for a fraction of the price. They're supposed to be for kids, of course, but the larger sizes are surprisingly easy for petite girls to fit into. It's worth starting there first if you're on the smaller side."—Lisa Goldstein, Fashion Assistant
"I wear a lot of rings, but the one I get the most compliments on is my gold and diamond stacking ring. I love the look on people's faces when I tell them it's from Walmart—3 for $105.99, and they're real, actual diamonds."—Liz Kiernan, Special Sections Director
"Every year when summer rolls around, I head to The Sports Authority or a similar athletic shop to stock up on second-skin black and white bike shorts—yep, the clingy, Tour de France kind—to wear under my favorite flippy dresses and short skirts. Living in NYC, you walk over a lot of street grates and go in and out of a ton of subway stations, both of which pack a hefty breeze. I've accidentally flashed far too many passing cab drivers and construction workers over the years, and bike shorts are the best way to keep the bits covered, no question."—Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor
"Makie Clothier is more known for their kids clothes, but they have some great calf skin slippers, liberty print hankies and pullovers that come in adult sizes, too. And the coolest canvas weekend bags."—Brandon Holley, Editor-in-Chief
"I'm sort of obsessed with these pouches from Home Depot. My friend Jessica spotted them at her sister's house (her boyfriend works in lighting design for films) and ordered them immediately to carry as clutches. And they work as great makeup bags too!"—Maura Lynch, Senior Beauty Editor
"I go to Fred Flare when I'm looking for gimmicky, Urban Outfitters-style home stuff, like boob-shaped pasta and Scrabble magnets. But the clothes they stock are also really cute, and I'm not sure many people know that. I've bought some $50 sundresses from them that I really like, and I really, really love that they're not as common as the ubiquitous Zara or Topshop dresses you end up seeing all summer long."—Natalie Matthews, Digital Fashion Writer
"Bar soap at the farmers market has the same fancy, artisan quality as the small boutique stuff, but without the exorbitant $15 price tag. It's usually better quality, too, since it's made in smaller batches and with fresher materials."—Alison Syrett, Digital Writer
"A stylist I worked with turned me onto these tanks, which are dirt cheap when on sale ($6!) and so damn good. I slip them under sheer tops and wear them to work out, espeically their camisole. It's got straps that are thin and sit closer to your collarbone, giving you the illusion of thinner arms and more defined shoulders. If I can get that effect without working out (and for about the same price as a Venti latte), I'm a brand loyalist for life."—Lori Bergamotto, Style Contributor
"This isn't really a stealth thing, but Gap makes the best bras. They are so comfortable and cute and fit amazingly and I'm never buying a bra from anywhere else again."—Maura Lynch, Senior Beauty Editor