Psst! Get The Inside Scoop On Lucky Editors' Secret Shopping Sources

It's not uncommon to see eight girls in our office wear the same pair of Zara heels in the span of a week. We like the same brands, we shop in the same stores; it happens. But we also have our own personal things, both obscure, one-off finds and ritualistic shopping habits, like these ones below. Clutches from Home Depot, underthings from Sports Authority—they're not everyone else's go-to sources, but sometimes it's nice to be a little different (at least for part of our outfit, before we strap on those Zara stilettos).

"A stylist I worked with turned me onto these tanks, which are dirt cheap when on sale ($6!) and so damn good. I slip them under sheer tops and wear them to work out, espeically their camisole. It's got straps that are thin and sit closer to your collarbone, giving you the illusion of thinner arms and more defined shoulders. If I can get that effect without working out (and for about the same price as a Venti latte), I'm a brand loyalist for life."—Lori Bergamotto, Style Contributor

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shopping tips
shopping tips