Shop It: Gwyneth Paltrow's Cookbook Tour Style

I've only heard good things about Gwyneth Paltrow's sophomore cookbook, It's All Good; it sounds like the recipes are super easy, super tasty and super healthy. And, as if the glowing reviews aren't convincing enough, there's also the author herself: more svelte and stunning at 40 than most college age girls. Forget about the food—does ordering a copy mean that I'll look like more like her?

Of course, I know that following Gwynnie's food instructions won't make me taller, blonder or buffer. But I do think they'll make me a healthier version of myself, which is all I need to confidently try the actress' body-conscious press tour style. From signing copies in a bandage skirt to micro-shorts on Good Morning America, the outfits from Paltrow's recent promotional appearances—much like her book's title—are all good.

Click through the slideshow below to shop them all now and order your own copy here.

The Goop-stress signs copies of It's All Good while wearing a semi-sheer top, short-y shorts and T-strap sandals at a California Williams-Sonama.

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